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The hut at Frugaldom

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As the true origins of Frugaldom lie in the combined works of a handful of (skint) writers and artists, it is only fitting that we continue our quest to publish original content and to inspire fellow creatives.

This poem was written by Liverpool poet, Gerry Clarkson. As I worked in the barn that morning, I glimpsed him sitting in the yard, enjoying the cool, winter sunshine and chatting, or reciting, to the goats. These words were the result of that visit. We thank him for gifting the poem and allowing us to share it with you.


Frugaldom, frugality and thrift,

A more harmonious way to exist...

Where artists and writers can while away their day.

Creation's sculptures on display

Where goats and ponies play

Where wind farms reign over landscapes of windstorms and rain.

Sentient beings,

Sentinels overseeing.the wellbeing of all that they survey.

The gentle management of the land

Where the environment receives a helping hand to support itself,

The forest renewed, nature's health,

Where an abundance of wealth can be gained

A balanced life sustained,

Woodlands maintained,

Beauty retained without exploitation and without conflict,.

A kingdom of frugality and thrift,

Frugaldom, a more harmonious way to exist.

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