NEW FOR 2021
Frugaldom now offers stopovers for up to 3 self-contained campervans or motorhomes (Max. 7m) We are totally off grid so offer nothing more than parking. Bring what you need and leave no trace. Enjoy your stay under dark skies, surrounded by nature. You can scan and pay at the yard gate using our PayPal QR code or leave a donation at the 'Trading Post'.

We operate as a social enterprise promoting environmental awareness and sustainability while providing a relaxing space where you can get back to nature. Our project is a combination of fruit and herb growing, tree planting, environmental art, nature conservation and caring for a small herd of ponies and goats that live at Frugaldom.

Booking is not essential but overnight visitors are best getting in contact ahead of a visit to ensure we have sufficient parking space. Please arrive during daylight hours as there is no lighting here and always close the main gate behind you. Thank you. Contact details can be found HERE

The concept of frugaldom is based on frugal living and the pursuit of freedom from debt. Everything we do here is on a budget. We make recycle, barter, grow fruit, vegetables and herbs, and strive to find the most cost effective ways of doing things. Taking care of the environment is high on our agenda so we have reserved most of our land for tree planting, wildlife and nature conservation but we are also keen enthusiasts of the Scottish hutting movement. In 2021, we will complete the Frugaldom hut and hope that it can inspire others to do likewise.

Frugaldom project invites you to visit, take part, learn more or simply sit and enjoy the freedom to be at one with nature.  Events will be advertised here, online booking available - 1, 2 and 3 day options, accommodation for up to 4 can be booked in our luxury holiday caravan, plus we offer campervan and motorhome parking

  • Planting orchards, new woodlands and willow beds

  • Establishing 'edible' hedgerows for foraging

  • Growing herbs, berries, fruit and vegetables

  • Providing new wildlife habitats for nature conservation

  • Creating environmental art from salvaged materials

  • Inspiring creativity

  • Promoting sustainability

  • Welcoming anyone who cares to share our vision




  • Willow coppicing

  • Nature watch

  • Muddy wellies

  • Pony pampering

  • Goat walks

  • Tree planting

  • Hut building

What began as a frugal living challenge grew into a self-sustainability project, which provides a valuable source of inspiration for writers & artists. Proud supporters of the Galloway and South Ayrshire Biosphere, member of Social Enterprise Scotland, CAMpRA, Scotland Starts Here, SearchforSites, Park4Night