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Frugaldom welcomes volunteers, subscribers, sponsors and donations, which all contribute towards the running of the project and caring for the ponies, goats and wildlife on site. We appreciate every penny and always welcome our supporters to the project at any time. Visitors can donate at the gate using our contactless PayPal QR code for mobiles, or by leaving a small donation at the Trading Post in the yard. Alternatively, PayPal

Frugaldom operates voluntarily as a social enterprise and is a licensed animal welfare establishment - every penny raised by the project gets spent on the project. We actively promote recycling, sustainability, creativity and community. Cash is not king here: we welcome your help, donations of goods or products, bartering, trading, swaps and shares. We also run a 'Friends of Frugaldom' support group, which costs from £5.00 per month to join. Our supporters are welcome on site at anytime and are given the opportunity to help out, attend our events and, for Facebook users, have access to our exclusive, dedicated social media group.


Paypal donations can be sent via or else see our membership and sponsorship options listed on our fundraising and news site.

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