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Great Weather for Working

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

So far, so good... We have succeeded in completing several lots of electric fencing to give the ponies more space to gallop around while also protecting the new tree planting areas. We still need to do hundreds of metres more, which means investing in more portable 12v energisers, but then along came near drought conditions.

Our immediate concern is ensuring animals have constant access to water and can be kept free from the notorious Scottish midges. Pippin has his fly sheet on constantly, only being removed for grooming. So far, his sweet itch appears to be under control. On the advice of our equine nutritionist, Pippin and Dobbin are having their diets supplemented with Vitamin B3 biotin and spirulina to help alleviate itching. We also have Brewers Yeast but I can't find much scientific evidence of this helping so it was set aside as a supplement for the youngsters.

We are now using USB fans in shelters and have another battery operated pump ordered to move water from the seep to where it needs to be. On top of that we still need more shade over the goat enclosure and to get their roofing sorted out while the dry weather is with us. It all mounts up.

Our hutting project is now underway, so we should soon have suitable accommodation for those who share our passion for animals, wildlife and nature at Frugaldom It's all completely off-grid so it's always an adventure.

Friends of Frugaldom are welcome here anytime - we are all in this together, looking to create a great space where the animals in our care can live happy lives, cared for by all concerned. We want the best for them but everything costs a small fortune.

Since my last update, more hay has been delivered, more feed, more supplements, more fence posts, and we are now awaiting delivery of some roofing materials to improve the existing goat shelter - this option is far less expensive than planning to build a brand new one.

I had another idea for summer shelter but I'll try it out first, then share the results.

We need to keep raising funds. If you can afford to contribute anything to our tiny sanctuary at Frugaldom, please do. If at all possible, please come and see the place for yourselves any afternoon. We are here every day but mornings are dedicated to the animals so there's no time to stop and talk until all their needs are met. It can take several hours each day to tend their needs, especially when ponies sometimes enjoy a lie-in.

Share this journey by becoming one of our supporters. We aren't a big charity, we don't have funding, we aren't a trading company, we are simply a few individuals who pool resources to make Frugaldom a great little enterprise with which to be involved.

Friends of Frugaldom are what make it all possible so why not be part of it. You can help make a difference to animals' lives simply by being here, reading our posts, sharing our social media updates and contributing in whatever way you can.

Our fundraising target has been raised to reflect all the additional needs that will make 2023 a better year than the previous ones we've all had to endure. Don't forget we have our site at plus our @frugaldom accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Follow for fun or follow to help raise funds. Thank you for being you and being here reading this.

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