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Tag-a-Post or Dedicate a Disc for £10.00

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When ordering your disc, please include the name you want engraved. We will contact you before engraving to confirm


Frugaldom is divided into several project areas, many of which are enclosing with post and rail fencing. You can tag a post with an engraved disc for just £10, which includes the disc and the engraving with your chosen name. If you come to visit, you may enjoy browsing the tags and seeing the project develop while looking for your own. All funds raised through our tag-a-post scheme go directly towards the upkeep of the project and the care of our sanctuary animals.


This sculpture is known simply as 'Sanctuary'. It represents care of the abandoned, the abused, the neglected and the unwanted. It is being dedicated to all who care for such animals, donating their time, effort and income. You can now dedicate a disc, which will be engraved with the name of your choice and then displayed by the sculpture. Anyone who cares and shares their time looking after others, be they human or animal, deserves recognition and gratitude. For just a single payment of £10.00 we will have a 30mm metal disc engraved with your chosen name and display it by the sculpture at Frugaldom. Become a part of our history, join us as a "forever-part" of Frugaldom. Alternatively, you may prefer to tag an actual fence post, where we display the sponsor discs of our supporters and sponsors. It's only £10 and that includes the disc, the engraving and hanging it on the fence, gate,post or display board.

All profits contribute directly towards the feeding and care of our sanctuary animals and wildlife at Frugaldom.

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