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Willows are Wonderful

Fast growing, robust, good for weaving and a super addition to any damp areas of land or hedgerows foraged by horses and ponies. All the barefoot ponies at Frugaldom love willow. It is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being a mild painkiller. With this in mind, it may be ideal for laminitis-prone animals to chew on, so long as they don't have too many of the sweeter leaves.

We have been coppicing some willows for replanting along the edge of the water ditches and to help dry up muddy areas around the tracks where our ponies live. Dobbin was happily munching on the fresh shoots this afternoon while we were cutting and planting. As you can see, there are already buds bursting open - willow is my favourite, fast-growing forage for adding into ponies' diets as pat of their frugal hedge-hay.

This is the last year's growth - in some cases, it has grown 3 metres since last being cut.

This huge Willow has been cut over the past few years and is used as a den by visiting children (and some adults). All those straight willow rods above the 'roof' height can be cut, planted and will quickly grow into new willow trees. If anyone would like a bundle to plant, we can cut and post them to you. (£10 per pack including P&P within UK). At point of planting, they look like short, green sticks.

Willow withies ready to cut into shorter lengths for rooting and planting. If you would like to try growing your own, a £10.00 contribution to the Frugaldom project will bring a pack of them to your door. You can pay via the 'donate' button at the top of this page - on receipt of payment, we will email you to arrange delivery. Limited quantities available so don't miss out on a great opportunity to grow your own 'live fence' or 'fedge' that's safe and healthy for foraging horses and ponies, Also looks great by ponds and encourages wildlife. (We also have an Ecoarts willow sheep.)

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