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Coronavirus Gardening

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

It's been a tough few months for most people, whatwith lockdowns, staying home, self-isolating and all things around us still pretty much curbed. For Frugaldom, we had hoped to have been running our open days and muddy-wellies weekends throughout the year from Easter but this just didn't happen. Volunteers have been next to non-existent and we certianly haven't been able to host any foreign exchange students. Projects have simply gone on hold here until we can return to a semblance of normality. However, being a voluntary project operating as a social enterprise, we still need to raise income.

We created a new garden, we filled it with herbs and wildflowers, we set up a sign and we invited our supporters to join us on board, donating £10 each to have a metal disc engraved with their chosen name to commemorate the 2020 lockdown. In doing this, we are creating a little piece of history for those in the future to look back and remember what happened when an unknown virus spread around the globe, bringing country after country to a standstill. No, in this state of what seems like suspended animation, we are trying our best to keep our project going - looking after the 10 ponies that wander the tracks around Frugaldom, trying to catch the mink that attacked the chickens and duck, trying to keep on top of the unending number of jobs needing done and hoping that our past plans will remain with us as future plans while awaiting the return to normality.

If you would like to help support this nature and art project, or would like to sponsor / adopt a pony, join us on the lockdown board or are interested in our hut-building project, get in contact to find out more. Alternatively, you can use the links at the top of this page to join, donate, sponsor or tag.

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