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What's Been Happening?

Updated: May 20, 2023

Since achieving our £1,000 Spring fundraising goal, work has been busy at Frugaldom. Our one quest in this project is to maintain freedom from debt, ensuring that at no point can the rug be pulled from beneath our feet, especially where the animal sanctuary is concerned. There are no outstanding bills, we do only what we can afford to do at any given time and we follow frugality very closely.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we have managed to do a bit more of the essential drainage work, fill in pot holes along the drive to keep it vehicle friendly for our visitors, plant more hedging and trees, sow seeds, replace some of the electric fencing along the pony tracks, do a little more levelling in the yard and get more painting done. The ponies got treats, the goats got new head collars, Pippin got a new fly sheet, 'the bigs' got new feed buckets and our appeal for garden related tools was successful. Now we just need to find some sponsors who will share the care of the ponies and goats.

Thank you for supporting the Frugaldom project and please consider joining us via the page at

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