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Try not to panic, we are all in this together.

Frugal living, for me, is about living a healthy lifestyle safely and within our own means in order to attain and maintain debt freedom, plus have a plan B for emergencies or that often-mentioned, "rainy day". Well, frugal folks, the heavens have opened and the metaphorical rain has begun pouring down! Rght now, it is about sharing our big umbrellas with those around us ... without getting within 2m distance or into crowds of more than 2. It is like a science fiction novel come alive but like all good stories, good will conquer evil. 

I recommend everyone does a complete inventory of all foodstuffs at home. We had already started sowing seeds and planting the potatoes before lockdown but it is early days, so make the most of anything you can.

Work continues at Frugaldom even although closed to all. We have no students to help us this year so time is precious, but the blogging and social media updates will continue in the hope we can help others cope during this sudden financial crisis.

Please remember that frugal living is completely new to many people who have never had to consider it. Be kind and, above all else, remember we are here to help and support others. 

Stay home, stay safe, help save lives.

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