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Today at Frugaldom

We had a hay delivery scheduled for 9am but when we arrived before that, we had a crazy half hour of returning ponies to their rightful places and having a mad dash poop-picking spree! Dobbin and 4 of the other mud monsters had decided that the main track would be a great place to spend time in the sunshine, blocking the gate.

Lazy dobbin eventually agreed to move and let us open up the gate in time for the hay delivery arriving.

The 'quarry' area is still quite flooded so there is no shortage of mud for ponies rolling. It was drying out quite quickly in the weekend's sunny, breezy weather so here's hoping he rain stays away for a bit longer and gives the water a chance to drain. I still have not spotted any frog spawn, which is a bit curious!

Lemony Snicket and baby Dobbin spent some time racing one another around the paddock after their breakfast.

Willow, Frankie and Pippin introduced themselves to the new hard-standing

Willow decided it was great fun to run up and down the ground mats makng an almighty din that sounded like an army marching into battle!

Brian made a good start on planting the first potatoes and sowing vegetable seeds in a mix of rotted manure, compost and molehills.

The raised beds were tidied and topped up then planted with shallots and vegetable seeds.

All in all, a good day as we even fitted in a bit of foal grooming. The birds are making the most of all the hair that's being brushed out and their nests in the barn are looking fur lined!

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