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Our Frugaldom is your Frugaldom

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Today's task of the day was to find and reinstate our GoFundMe page as an additional way of trying to raise some funds to progress with the project. The following can be copied, kept, shared or otherwise used for dropping funds in whenever possible, raised from friends, family and colleagues with an interest in the project, sanctuary or its animals.

I'm raising money to Support the Frugaldom Project, its ponies, goats and all it represents. Click to find out more and please follow & share our updates on social media - user name @Frugaldom.

The options still remain to send your contributions directly via PayPal to or via the links and the regular subscriptions and sponsorships options can still be found on our coffee break updates page at

At the minute, Frugaldom is too small an entity to warrant its own bank account (unless you can find us a fee free one accepting new accounts) and it falls well short of having to register as a charity (donations of £5,000+ per year) so we operate as a social enterprise, not for profit, funding much of the development ourselves. Any extra funds raised by way of ecoarts commissions or donations contribute mainly towards the keep of the animals in our care. (We are a registered Animal Welfare Establishment.)

We hope use of our campervan stopover facilities will increase this summer, generating some finds for repairs, maintenance and t cover mandatory expenses like licensing and insurance.

With the next phase of our hutting project due to begin next month, we'd love to hear from any of you who noted an interest in being part of that. Hut sharing is certainly an option we have considered and would be open to discussing if like-minded individuals come forward. We expect our hutters to be part of the project, helping during tree planting and improving / maintaining the land adjacent to the planned huts. There's plenty of scope for tree and hedge planting, coppicing, forest food gardening, wildlife habitat creation and, of course, helping with the ponies and goats during your stays.

You can familiarise yourself with the concept of hutting by reading all the information on Reforesting Scotland's 'Thousand Huts' site. We like to pride ouselves on contributing towards those 1,000 huts while offering Friends of Frugaldom the opportunity to sample the joys of off-grid hutting while here.

Want to be a part of this? Simply get in contact and arrange a suitable date and time to visit. All the contact details are on the main page.

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