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Hay You!

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

A photo mini-blog from Frugaldom

It's such hard work eating hay in the sunshine. This is Dobbin (on left) and Ginger. Dobbin is now 4 years old and originates from north Wales, where he was rescued as an abandoned foal. Ginger is 26 and is a 'Spindles Farm' survivor. He has Cushings / PPID but is still full of life. These 2 came to Frugaldom via a rescue centre.


"Don't worry, I'll eat it off your head."

"Seriously, I'm eating it off as quickly as I can, just you have a snooze, I'll be done in no time."

All the ponies were brought to the yard area last night so we could have peace to work on the track, where we are tackling yet more drainage to combat the mud problems.

Now that I have this blog back up and running, I'll try to update it daily as work progresses at the Frugaldom project. Interesting times ahead, thats for sure!

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