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Fog, Rain and Soggy Ponies

Last Wednesday was sunny and bright, a true blessing for all the vet work that had to be carried out that day, which included some unexpected complications, a general anaesthetic and further surgery for poor Lemony Snicket.

Over the past week, the weather has thrown everything at us, from frost to snow, thunder, lightning, flashflood rain and now we are pretty much fog bound. The ponies, however, seem oblivious. They had five days on anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, Lemony - at right of photo - seemed oblivious to his stitches, and all four are now galloping around, bucking and rearing, rolling in the mud, running through the ponds and chewing on the willows. I'm pleased to see this. Willow bark is a natural source of the anti-inflammatory and painkilling chemical known as salicylate: it's like natural aspirin. Ponies are clever! They know what to pick at and when, which is exactly why we plant so many different trees, shrubs and herbs around the edge of their tracks.

The lower fields are currently off limits as they are under water from the burn bursting it's banks, as per photo, but the gates are open for Pippin and Dobbin to wander back and forth to the little pond. They seem to prefer drinking that to drinking their buckets of water.

Finally, thank you to all who have contributed to our newest fundraiser. We have several options available to anyone who wants to support the Frugaldom project so have a look around the site and check out our social media pages. Username for most this is @Frugaldom. Alternatively, you can email me or send PayPal payments to

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