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Foal Fun!

A quick look at the progress of our rehomed orphans, now technically yearlings. They're full of mischief, very entertaining and are beginning their elementary halter training. They pull the funniest of faces!

They love one another's company so it is going to be difficult splitting them up, although the tiny Willowby is already very independent and doesn't in the least mind going out walking alone.

Willowby realising we're watching him! He's so cute.

Hi guys, I've been for a walk and it was FUN!

Hi guys, I'm going out for a walk, is there anything spooky out there?

Licky, licky, 'Lemony Snicket' - all the foals enjoy the Himalayan rock salt

Oops! I don't know if I was supposed to eat that but it tastes ok! (Diatomaceious Earth)

Mini mud monsters playing in the herb paddock

Did someone say 'dinner'

Baby Dobbin playing with his ball, which is actually a salvaged beach buoy.

Playing in the herb paddock.

Stopping for a snack during one of our equi-rambling outings

I am Pegasus! I can fly ... like a chicken!

The foals have been with us for almost 5 months and are all growing, eating plenty and ready to begin their basic training. Lemony Snicket is the more feral one so he hasn't yet been walked out in hand. He is just allowing us to stroke and scratch him! Not sure what happened to him prior to his arriving with us but he certainly has major trust issues. We're allowing him to take his own time about things. The others are all happy to be pampered, hoof trimmed and led out for short walks.

You can help support our project by sponsorship, subscription to Friends of Frugaldom or donating whatever spare time (or funds) you can afford.

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