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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

2020 was planned as our official opening here at the Frugaldom project but the current Coronavirus crisis and UK shutdown has put paid to this for now. However, as a privately owned outdoor project currently operating as a new start social enterprise,we are rather at a loss as to how to progress without customers. We will not be beaten!

Livestock needs to be looked after, the sowing and planting needs done, more saplings need planted, willows need coppicing, more fencing and more drainage needed, ponies needing attention and life goes on. (You are still welcome to subscribe to the project, even if you cannot visit.)

These are a few potatoes that were leftover from a bag bought from the supermarket some time ago. I had kept several more to allow them to sprout but shortages nearby meant we'd to eat them last week!

Each tiny sprout growing from each eye of a potato is the beginning of a new plant. Leaving the potatoes drying on paper on a windowsill or shelf leads to them sprouting - known as 'chitting' - and once these shoots are of a decent size, you can simply plant the potatoes into a big bucket or even a big bag with some drainage holes. Make sure no light can get to the buried potato and then cover with more soil or compost as the sprouts develop and grow into leaves. From one single potato, I have previously managed to grow a full kilo of new potatoes. It's like magic!

Our project embraces nature conservation, environmental art, frugal living, food growing and local heritage. We are planting a 'Galloway Pippin' heritage apple orchard, cultivating willows, planting native woodlands and growing fruit, vegetables and herbs that will eventually be sold. Encouraging wildlife is part of the plan, so we have set aside a nature reserve area. On top of all this, we have a herd of 10 ponies living on site. I'm sowing edible flowers that should both encourage bees and garnish colourful salads.

These are the latest wildwood and driftwood sculptures - we have several environmental art installations at Frugaldom and all sales of ecoarts contribute towards our running costs.

The Frugaldom project is meant for sharing with fellow frugalers, writers and artists. As we progress into springtime, seed sowing has begun, regardless of the current global crisis. Our aim is self-sustainability and for that, we continue to strive. We all need to ea so we should be trying to grow our own food wherever possible.

Owing to the latest Government announcements regarding the Coronavirus pandemic we are urging you all to stay home and stay safe. There are so many ways to spend time with family at home, none more important than learning about where our food comes from and how to grow it. Yes, frugal friends, it is springtime and it is time to start getting your veggies started. Peas are really easy to grow in pots!

Even if you don't have a garden, there is space to grow something, even if it is simply some herbs, mini tomatoes and peppers on your windowsills. For those with space, black kale is one of the most nutritious, leafy green vegetables available.


We'll see you once this is all over and the country returns to normal. In the meantime, all we can offer are some blog posts, photos and newsy updates via this new website or @Frugaldom on Twitter or @Frugaldom on Facebook

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