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A Little Bit of Progress

It's been a busy week and continues to be a busy weekend. We've fitted big grooming brushes into the goats' enclosure, started building them a log wigwam and plan on creating a dead hedge of spruce in one corner.

The goats love chewing bark so this should provide plenty of entertainment and nibble material.

The latest access path formed over the drainage channel has been edged with spruce logs cut from our woodland. We are attempting to get the Sitka under control but this is a mammoth task as the previous clearfell area has been regenerating itself faster than we can weed out these invasive trees.

The milder temperatures have brought out the adders - one reason we insist on all dogs being kept on leads here. The snakes bask on a pile of rocks that we are adding to in order to provide them with safe habitat. Today, while several of us were in the yard area, we saw a buzzard fly overhead carrying an adder do these birds definitely prey on the snakes.

The lungwort is flowering. It's always one of the first flowers we see here. The first blossoms can be spotted on a blackthorn, the daffodils are flowering and I spotted the first tulip today.

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