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2020 Vision of Frugaldom

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

We are already halfway through March 2020 and the world is in absolute chaos with the declaration of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic. Everything around us is moving towards lockdown, there are near riots at supermarkets for toilet rolls and basic groceries and Frugaldom's official opening probably won't be happening this year after all. No matter, we have food in the cupboards, a roof over our heads and about 5 hectares of land to turn into a self-sustainable microholding with nature reserve and safe living space for the ponies, ducks and chickens that have been rehomed here for one reason or another.

We enjoy simple, frugal living, arts, crafts, attempting to grow our own food and developing Frugaldom so you can all come for a visit and experience the place for yourselves.

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